VectorGeddon is a new visual take on our very popular DoodleGeddon game for iOS.

VectorGeddon is a fast paced missile command style game where your task is to defend earth against a massive asteroid onslaught. Can you save humanity from total annihilation?

Spawn missile silos around the planet, then tap on incoming asteroids to target and destroy them… sounds simple doesn’t it?

Your resources build automatically over time as well as when you destroy an asteroid. Spend 100 resources on a new Missile Silo, or 250 resources to clear rubble from a destroyed Silo.

You also need to protect your moon that is orbiting your planet. Each time an asteroid hits your moon, you lose valuable resources.

Missile Silo’s can be upgraded to with faster launch times or even further with the Mega Pack.

FOUR power-up weapons to collect/purchase. Use the shop to sell and buy alternate power-up weapons.

☆ Target and destroy Satellites to gain defensive shields
☆ Target and destroy UFO’s to arm your disruptor cannons for a mega blast to knock out a bunch of asteroids at once.
☆ Target and destroy Shuttles to gain Laser power-up weapons.
☆ Purchase a Pulse power-up weapon from the shop and destroy all asteroids on the screen at once (Mega Pack Only)

Each asteroid that hits the Earth will kill off a percentage of your population. When the Earths population hits zero, it’s game over and the end of humanity!

Purchase the Mega Pack to get 3 additional game lay modes (Limited Towers, Limited Resources and Instant Death).

All of your game statistics are tracked for you to see how you are playing and VectorGeddon saves score and achievements via Game Center.

Exiting a game mid session will save your game and allow you to resume that game at a later date.

Do you have what it takes? Can you make it past wave 30 and save the world from destruction?