PAC-MAN-256-LOGO-WEBIn March of this year (2015) Bandai Namco, Hipster Whale and 3 Sprockets started on an amazing journey together as we worked to re-imagine what a PAC-MAN made in 2015 would look and play like.


Taking on a re-make or re-invention of such an iconic game and brand like PAC-MAN was both a daunting and exhilarating challenge for us, so we began to forge what would become PAC-MAN 256, an endless play PAC-MAN that utilises the famous level 256 glitch of the original game that driving force pushing you constantly up the never ending maze and into danger from the ever menacing ghosts!

It was extremely important to us to keep the iconic feel and familiarity of the original classic PAC-MAN game, that many of us remember fondly from our young game playing youth, but to also make a game that used new conventions that younger players that had never experienced the original PAC-MAN would instantly understand.

We all think we have achieved this exact feat in PAC-MAN 256, as everyone from press, to players young and old just “get it” and many have found themselves falling in love with PAC-MAN all over again. We know we have!

This article from Gamezebo put it better than we could ever have though possible…

“The best parts of Pac-Man are still here,
and all the new features are now some of the best parts of Pac-Man.”


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